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Regulatory pressures continue to change the way in which banks monitor, manage and maintain their correspondent relationships.

Bill Gourlay, who previously ran the fund management strategy group at RBC in London, arrived at investment management industry technology consultants Idea Group as CEO in December 2013. The speed with which they have created the GAIA standards to automate subscriptions and redemptions is a reminder that few were better qualified to fix that obvious and longstanding source of cost and complaints in the hedge fund industry.

Thomas Murray spoke to John Van Verre about HSBC's move to launch a US direct custody and clearing model - what it means for the bank and its clients, how it aids with regulatory challenges in the custody industry and what it means for HSBC in the US.

Monte Titoli completed the first Wave of migration to the ECB’s T2S platform on 31 August 2015. In doing so, Italy became the largest market to migrate to the platform to date, the ECB’s plan being to introduce one major market in each of the four Waves, beginning with Italy. Euroclear’s planned delay has put a spanner in this works, however, with uncertainty lingering over when France, Germany and Spain will now migrate to the platform.

Janet Wynn, the COO of Thomas Murray, discusses the main talking points and themes from this year's Global Custody Forum, as well as looking ahead to the future landscape of the custody industry.